Author Instructions

Please read ALL of the following carefully
Papers Due
26 December 2002
(Papers will not be published in the proceedings if not received by the due date)

You need to have a copy of Acrobat Reader to view these PDF files. Download it from here



1.) Author Instructions and Camera Ready Sample

Authors have to submit a revised version of their paper on 12 December to the chair of the session where the paper will be presented. The chair will check that the comments provided by the reviewers' have been incorporated in the revised text and that the revised paper follows the formatting rules. The chair will get back to you directly in case there are additional changes that need to be made.The author will iterate on this with the chair until the chair approves the final version of your paper. The name and email address of the session chair will be announced via email. The author's paper will appear in the proceedings, if your chair has accepted the camera-ready paper, the copyright form has been submitted, and one of the paper's authors has registered for IM 2003. The deadline for submitting the final camera ready paper to the session chair is 26 December 2002.

  • Text Area Grid
    Text area cannot exceed 4 3/4 inches by 8 inches high.
    All text figures & tables must fit in this space including the running headers with the page numbers.

  • Kluwer Word Template for paper
    (can use 10pt font size)

  • Kluwer Latex Style File for paper- if using other fonts, please include then with the source file.
    (can use 10pt font size)

General Hints
It is very important that you pay close attention to the format. Especially, do not produce text, formulas or figures outside of the main text area. This will render the paper unacceptable and therefore cannot be printed. (and you really do not want that to happen). Please remember that the length of your paper is limited to 14 pages for full papers and 4 pages for short papers. Figures should be in black and white, limited use of grey-scale. If figures are in color avoid yellow, light blue & green. These will not reproduce in black and white.

See to view the im2003 authors mailing list.

2.) Poster Paper
(See template/style file in #1. Papers to be 4 pages in length.)

3.) Release Form-PDF
(Must be filled out and signed.)
4.) Registration-online and PDF form
(at least one author from each paper must register)




1.) Send 1 hard copy by courier of the camera ready paper and signed release form.
DEADLINE: 26 December 2002

Send to:
Yana Lambert
IFIP Editor
Kluwer Academic Publishers
101 Philip Drive
Norwell, MA 02061

If you need a telephone number
to send courier packages use
Tel.: +1 781 871 6600
(Please no phone calls)

2.) Send one electronic copy to your session chair.




1.) Audio Visual

There will be a LCD projector and overhead projector in each presentation room.
If you have any other audio visual needs please send an e-mail to

2.) Student Travel Grant- PDF - DEADLINE FOR GRANT SUBMISSION : 26 DECEMBER, 2002
For more information see:
A limited number of Student Travel Grants are available for highly qualified individuals.

  • W-8 Form (this form is required only if you receive a grant)

3.) Visa Assistance Request Form (PDF)
(Only if your country requires a Visa, please visit