Panel Abstract:

Chair/Moderator: Steve Kent
Chief Scientist for Information Security, BBN

Network Management Security

Communication networks support many critical infrastructures, and many networks have become critical infrastructures in their own right. Security is an essential aspect of network management which now attracts increasing attention. Network management security exhibits many facets beyond the obvious example of securing communications used to remotely manage network components. Examples of the scope of net management security include:

- policy-based controls for quality of service access
- tracing facilities to locate attack sources
- network monitoring and responses to detect DoS attacks and worms
- protection of routing protocols

The distinguished experts assembled for this panel will each address an aspect of network management security, discussing his view of the essence of a problem and characterizing the state of the art with regard to addressing that problem.

Panel Chair:

Dr. Stephen Kent (click here for Presentation- PPT format)
Chief Scientist - Information Security,
BBN Technologies, A Verizon Company


Dr. Bob Blakley (
click here for Presentation- PPT format)
Chief Scientist - Security & Privacy,
IBM Tivoli Software

Dr. Charles Palmer
Manager - Security & Cryptography,

Dr. Luis Sanchez (
click here for Presentation- PPT format)
President, Xapiens